Baseball is officially back! Here are the latest 2020 MLB odds for the shortened 60-game season.

Baseball is officially back! Get the latest 2020 MLB odds for the shortened 60-game season right now!
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Baseball bettors, rejoice. It finally happened. After months of MLB owners and players bickering with one another–an agreement was reached. Baseball is coming back.

Sources shared the details on Tuesday, sharing how both parties have agreed to a 60-game season with Spring training starting on July 1st and Opening Day on July 23rd or 24th.

Unlike other leagues in the United States, baseball wasn’t delayed because of health concerns related to COVID-19. It was all about money. Pro-rated salaries and loss of revenue from fan-less games drove the two sides into a 3-month battle of when, where, and how much.

With only a 60-game season, it feels like anything can happen.

Last season, the Seattle Mariners started 13-2. They finished last in their division, with only 68 wins. It only takes a small string of victories in this short season to make a significant impact.

Bettors will have one month to sort out their opinions on various rule changes like the first-ever National League designated hitters, health and safety concerns, and fan-less ballparks.

For instance, teams could be relocated if a local government mandates another shutdown.

This kind of strange rule creates the chance of a lot of variance in an already strange 60-game season. There is no doubt that gamblers can find all sorts of opportunities (and risks) that no other baseball season has ever produced.

In Las Vegas, sportsbooks are slowly posting the 2020 MLB odds for the shortened season. Rex Beyers tweeted that Caesars listed the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers as 7/2 co-favorites to win the World Series.

It’s time to play ball.

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