Betting on the Middle: Philadelphia Eagles & Washington Redskins in Week 1

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This morning as I opened up the lines, I noticed a middle forming. For anyone who is new to sports betting a middle (or middling) is simply betting both sides of a spread with two different numbers so you have a chance to win both bets in the middle. For example, you bet Team A at -6.5 and Team B at +8.5. If the game ends at 7 or 8, you have successfully won both bets. If it lands on any other number, you will lose the juice/vigorish.

In the first week of the NFL, that middle comes by way of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here in Vegas, most shops have the Eagles -9.5 (-110), but offshore you can still get the Eagles -8.5 (-115). Obviously, five cents of juice is significant, but you’re essentially buying a full point for those five cents. I think this bet cashes regardless because the Washington Redskins are not very good at football. But as we get closer to Sunday, I anticipate the Eagles closing as -10 favorites.

This would allow me to buy back on Redskins +10 or +10.5. I already see the market at some public shops moving to +10 (-105) situation. By the time Sunday arrives,  it’s possible this ends up being a 3 point middle before the game kicks off. I may look to middle in-game because I don’t trust the Redskins to score early. Finding a +16 in-game would be the ideal scenario.

I have locked in Philly -8.5 (-115) for 2% of my bankroll and will be looking to middle this once the markets move.

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