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Welcome to our MLB Betting Blog powered by Moneyline Report. Beat your bookie with free MLB picks against the spread, MLB handicapping tips, plus the latest MLB odds and headlines.

MLB Odds & Free Picks

We share free baseball picks and betting tips all season. Because baseball odds move frequently, we always provide a timestamp with the current consensus MLB odds, including which sportsbook the odds are available.

How to bet MLB Moneylines

The moneyline is the primary way to bet professional baseball. A moneyline bet is betting on the team you think will win the game.

Let’s imagine the New York Yankees are a small favorite at home against the Houston Astros

465 Houston Astros +120
466 New York Yankees -140

In this example, if you wanted to bet the Yankees to win the game, you would need to bet $140 to win $100. Likewise, you would win $120 when you bet $100 on the Astros to win the game. 

There is a second layer to betting the moneyline in baseball that doesn’t exist in other sports–starting pitchers. You have the option to choose to void your bet if a starting pitcher isn’t pitching. If you don’t care who the starter pitchers are, you can select “action” regardless of who’s starting.

How to bet MLB Run Lines

One of the obstacles gambling moneylines in baseball is that there can be substantial moneyline odds when a great team is playing a bad team. For instance, if the Los Angeles Dodgers are playing the Miami Marlins, it’s possible to see a -350 moneyline. In general, betting $350 to win $100 is not a good bet. 

Instead of risking large sums of money on the moneyline, a popular alternative is the Run Line. Betting a baseball run line is a bet based on the winning margin of victory–similar to a spread in basketball or football.

Instead of betting the Dodgers -350, you could bet the Dodgers -1.5 (-260). The difference is instead of the Dodgers winning by one. You would need them to win by two runs. Each game is slightly different, but you can generally expect about a 90-cent difference from the moneyline odds for any run line. You can also take the underdog +1.5 to leverage one-run losses in your favor. 

How to bet MLB Over/Unders (Total)

Another popular baseball bet is the game total, referred to as the over/under. This bet is simple–bet the over or under of the total runs scored in a game. Let’s imagine the Chicago Cubs are playing against the Washington Nationals. Your sportsbook may offer a total of 9.5 runs. If your opinion is that the Cubs and Nationals will have a strong offensive performance, you will bet over 9.5 runs. You would need both teams to score a total of 10 runs to win your bet. Likewise, if you felt like both teams would struggle offensively, you would bet under 9.5 runs. If both sides scored a total of nine runs or less, you would win your bet. 

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