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Welcome to our NHL Betting Blog powered by Moneyline Report. Beat your bookie with free NHL picks, hockey handicapping tips, plus the latest NHL odds, rumors, and news.

NHL Odds & Free Picks

We share free hockey picks and betting tips all season. Because hockey odds move constantly, we always provide a timestamp with the current consensus NHL odds, including which sportsbook the odds are available.

How to bet NHL Moneylines

In simple terms, betting a moneyline is betting who will win the game. The biggest problem betting the moneyline in the NHL is that if you want to bet on a big favorite, it will get costly. However, betting underdogs to win the game outright can be a very profitable endeavor.

For example, Vegas is playing at home against Nashville. The Golden Knights are -135 favorites and Predators are +115 underdogs. The minus number means you would have to bet $135 to win $100, while the plus number means you would win $115 when you bet just $100.

How to bet NHL Spreads (Puck Lines)

Learning how to bet NHL puck lines is more straightforward than it looks. Betting a hockey puck line is a bet based on the winning margin of victory.

In our Vegas/Nashville example and depending on your sportsbook, the Golden Knights would be -1.5 (+115) favorites with the Predators as +1.5 (-135) underdogs. That example is quite a bit different from typical spread sports like football or basketball. The vigorish (or price) will generally look more like a moneyline bet than a standard spread bet. The reason is that run lines are always 1.5 runs.

How to bet NHL Totals (Over/Under)

One of the best ways to bet the NHL is betting totals, also known as the over/under. The game total is the combined number of runs scored in the game. In our Vegas/Nashville matchup, your sportsbook may offer a total of 6.5 goals. That means Vegas and Nashville would have to combine for six goals or less to go under the total. Likewise, they would need to score more than seven goals to go over the total.

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