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Let’s face it; the sports betting tout industry is a slimy business. We care about transparency. Everybody has something to sell. The only thing we sell at Odds Culture are hats, t-shirts, and lifestyle items.

We love spewing our opinions. Odds Culture guarantees we will never sell you a pick or opinion. Our partner, Moneyline Report, curates and produces free picks and content for the Odds Culture blog. 

We only use the current odds from US Sportsbooks and trusted offshore bookmakers. We currently do not have any sponsorships or affiliate deals with any bookmakers.

Our free picks have a timestamp of when the odds were obtained by our handicappers and at which sportsbook. We do our best to use consensus lines available at multiple sportsbooks. 

We use a simple star unit grading system that allows our handicappers to wager ⭐️ to ⭐️⭐️⭐️ units. Each star represents a single unit. For record-keeping purposes, we play to win a unit. For example, if our handicapper has a unit size of $100 and they posted a pick on a +150 underdog, they would bet $100 to win $150. Likewise, if they posted a pick on a -130 favorite, they would bet $130 to win $100.

Odds Culture and Moneyline Report do not accept wagers or bets of any kind and are not a gambling website. All of our contributors are independent handicappers. Their views and opinions are their own. Please always practice safe gambling and never wager more than you can afford to lose. 

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