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How to bet the Bruins Moneyline

Unlike basketball, football, or other spread sports, the moneyline is the primary way to bet the Boston Bruins. Betting the moneyline means you expect the Bruins will win the game outright. 

Let's imagine Boston is a small favorite at home. Their moneyline odds are -140, and their opponent's odds are +120. That means you would have to bet $140 on Boston to win $100. If you wanted to bet against the Bruins, you would win $120 if you bet $100 on their opponent. 

There can be considerable differences in moneyline odds between NHL teams. It's not uncommon to see the best teams have -300 moneyline odds against the worst teams in the league.

How to bet the Bruins Puck Line

If you don't want to bet high moneyline odds, you can bet the puck line. Similar to a spread in football or basketball, the puck line allows you to bet the Boston Bruins against a 1.5 goal spread.

Let's use the example above. If Boston is a -140 favorite, the puck line would be -1.5 (+160). That means the Bruins would need to win the game by two goals or more, but you would win $160 for every $100 bet. 

Likewise, you could bet their opponent at odds of +1.5 (-180), which means you would have to bet $180 to win $100 and need the opponent to win or lose the game by one goal to win your bet.

How to bet the Bruins Over/Under (Total)

Like other sports, betting the Boston Bruins game total is a popular bet. Let's imagine the Bruins is playing tonight, and the total is 5.5 goals. You can simply bet over 5.5 goals or under 5.5 goals. So if you think Boston and their opponent will score a lot of goals, you'd need six total goals scored to win your bet. If you think the Bruins will have a low-scoring game, you'd need both teams to score six goals or less.

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