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Imagine–you are at Circa in Downtown Las Vegas sitting in the world's largest sportsbook and New England Patriots are about to kickoff. Which team do you bet? Do you bet over or under? Should you add the Patriots to your teaser?

We share the free New England Patriots picks, trends, and betting tips you need before heading to the betting window.

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New England Patriots Odds

There are many ways to beat your bookie. Betting against the Patriots spread, over-under, moneyline, props, and more–we share it all.

Find New England Patriots odds and consensus lines from the best sportsbooks in the United States. We use odds from sportsbooks like Circa Sports, Westgate Superbook, William Hill, BetMGM, Stations Casinos, and more.

Bet New England like the pros and grow your bankroll with the latest Patriots trends, betting angles, and more.

For full transparency, our content is timestamped with when and where the betting odds were available.

Are you new to betting the Patriots?

If you're new to sports betting, here is a quick guide to help you bet the Patriots.

How do I bet the Patriots Spread?
Betting the New England Patriots against the spread is easy! Let's imagine New England is a -6.5 home favorite tonight. The number, -6.5, means the Patriots needs to win the game by a touchdown to win your bet. If their opponent who is a +6.5 road underdog either wins the game or loses by six points or fewer, your bet would lose.

How do I bet the Patriots Over-Under?
Another popular bet to make is the New England Patriots game total. Let's imagine the Patriots are playing tonight and the total is 43.5 points. You can simply bet over 43.5 points or under 43.5 points. So if you think New England and their opponent will score a lot of points, you'd need 44 total points scored to win your bet. If you think the Patriots will have a bad game, you'd need both teams to score 43 points or less.

How do I bet the Patriots Moneyline?
Betting the New England Patriots moneyline means you expect the Patriots will win the game outright. Using the example above, if New England is a -6.5 point favorite, their moneyline odds would be -280 and their opponent would be +230.

This means you would have to bet $280 on New England to win $100. If you wanted to bet against the Patriots, you would win $230 if you bet $100 on their opponent.

How do I bet New England Patriots Props?
There are many types of prop bets, but here, we'll only focus on team props and player props.

How do I bet New England Patriots Futures
New England futures bets are a fun way to make long-term bets. For example, before the season starts you can bet over or under Patriots season win total or bet on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl, conference title, or division.

The biggest drawback to betting futures is having your bankroll tied up for long periods of time, but the payouts can be significant.

How do I bet the Patriots in-game

How do I read Patriots betting lines?
Betting sports looks more complicated than it actually is. You will see odds listed like Patriots -6.5 (-110). The -6.5 portion means New England is favored and needs to win by seven points to cover the spread so you can cash your ticket. The -110 portion is the cost of the wager. When it's negative, that means you need to bet $1.10 to win $1.00. If the number positive, like +110, it means for every $1.00 you bet, you win $1.10.

You may also see things like New England Patriots 53.5 (-110). The 53.5 is a reference to the total. Choose if you think more or less than 53.5 points will be scored. Similar to the spread, you'll need to wager $1.10 to win $1.00. 

Sometimes the betting board will have moneyline odds like Patriots -250. This is a straight bet to win the game. For this bet, you'll need to bet $2.50 to win $1.00.

What does Patriots +150 mean?
This means if you bet $100 on New England and they win the game, you will win $150.

What does Patriots -150 mean?
This means if you bet $150 on New England and they win the game, you will win $100.

How do Patriots odds work?
Timing is everything in sports betting. Sportsbooks provide betting odds on games so bettors can make wagers on them. If New England played on Sunday, most sportsbooks will post odds for their next game on Monday.

Once the market opens, bookmakers start taking bets on the next Patriots game. It's important to understand that bookmakers need to minimize their risk (also called exposure) on each game. The books will try to get a balanced amount of money on both the Patriots and their opponent.

Let's imagine the New England Patriots open as -4.5 favorites on Monday morning, but on Wednesday an important player like the quarterback is put on the injury list. Because of the injury news, the sportsbook may lower the odds to Patriots -1.5.

Bettors who bet New England -4.5 early in the week are stuck with a bad "off-market" number. Likewise, bettors who bet the opponent +4.5 now have a good number. 

Learning how betting markets move and shift with news and information is what sets apart the professional gamblers from the average recreational bettor.

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