The Coronavirus has suspended the NBA season indefinitely

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The news broke during the national broadcast of the Nuggets/Mavericks game on ESPN. To the bewilderment of the broadcasters, the association announced that the season would come to an indefinite halt with questions answered at a later time.

The Woj 💣we never wanted happened at 6:31 PM:

Reports say that Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive with COVID-19, which led to the postponement of the Jazz/Thunder game at tipoff.

The suspension is an incredible, unprecedented event that will mark American history.

If you’re like me, you have used sports to escape news headlines and the frustrations of life. Suddenly, current events have disrupted that distraction.

The health and safety of players, organizations, and fans alike is critical, and I understand that, but as a sports bettor, it’s hard to ignore the giant elephant in the room.

What happens to those holding a Warriors Under 48.5 Wins ticket?

I had a bet voided after the postponed Pelicans/Kings game.

While this is a light-hearted symptom of the Coronavirus, the economic impact of the NBA suspending its season is going to be felt far beyond the cities in which teams reside.

The legalization of sports betting across the United States has become a significant revenue stream for many businesses and states.

I’m personally already feeling the economic sting of COVID-19 as someone who relies on sporting events and Las Vegas tourists for the majority of my income.

I know there are worse problems to deal with than how sportsbooks are going to settle a bet, but it’s unchartered territory I was hoping we would avoid.

While the sports media may feel like an episode of The Walking Dead, let’s remember to listen to the doctors and officials who handle infectious diseases. Today, I was reminded to tell my family I love them, be a decent citizen, and wash my hands.

Together, we’ll get through this.

When we’re all safe and healthy again, we’ll get back to beating the bookie.

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